Alumni Association of Balsam Academy


The aims and objectives of the Association shall be:

To provide a forum for the Members of the Alumni Association (herein after referred to as the Members) to interact amongst themselves and with the Vice-Principal, Teachers and the students of Balsam Academy.

To bring together the former students of Balsam Academy and to promote fellowship amongst themselves and their families.

To disseminate knowledge and know-how for the mutual benefit of the Members as also for the benefit of the School.

To undertake:

  1. intellectual, academic and cultural activities
  2. sports and games
  3. entertainment programmes
  4. improvements to existing infrastructure of the school and social service etc., for the benefit of the Members as also of the School and for the society at large, as detailed under:
    1. to create a website of the Association and upload the same on to the Internet so that relevant information pertaining to the affairs of the Association, can be made available for the benefit of all the Members.
    2. to conduct academic meets such as conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia, lectures by eminent personalities from various walks of life for the Members students and teachers of the School on various current subjects /topics of interest and relevance.
    3. to arrange inter school competitions such as debates, lectures, exhibitions of art and craft, science fairs etc.
    4. to institute and award prizes, for the meritorious students of the School in the fields of academics, sports and other extra-curricular activities.
    5. to undertake activities such as career counselling, medical check-up camps and other similar programs for the benefit of the students.
    6. to institute merit cum means based scholarships for the needy and deserving students
    7. to mobilise donations from the Members and others for charitable purposes for the benefit of citizens of this country in the event of natural calamities like earthquake, flood, etc.
    8. to establish permanent Corpus Fund for providing need based financial assistance to the Members as students of the School for the treatment of terminal diseases and ailments of heart, kidney, etc.
    9. to publish magazines and newsletters highlighting the activities and achievements of the Association.
    10. to conduct, for the Members, various activities such as get-togethers, sports and games, picnics, excursions, cultural programmes, etc.

To undertake any other activity in accordance with and in furtherance to the objectives mentioned at A, B, C and D above.

K. B. Subhash Chandra Bose President
Pavan.B Vice-President
Lavanya.P. General Secretary
Vijay.K. Assistant General Secretary
Goku.K.S. Treasurer
Balaji.V. Committee Member
Jhansi Rani Lakshmi Bai.K.B Committee Member
Ashok Narain Committee Member
Deepika.E. Committee Member
Shanjai.M. Committee Member
Krisheega Varsha.E. Committee Member

The Committee shall meet as often as necessary and also on the dates marked on the school calendar.

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  • Any former student who has graduated secondary schooling at Balsam Academy or studied in Balsam Academy for a period of 5 years and above between any period, shall be eligible for the membership of the Association.
  • Types of Memberships
    1. Life-time Membership
    2. Annual Membership
  • Enrolment of a former student of the School as an Annual Member or as a Life-time Member of the Association, shall be considered by the Managing Committee on the basis of the particulars furnished by the applicant in his/her application, in the prescribed form, which is required to be submitted to the Hon. General Secretary and on payment of the stipulated Annual subscription fees or Life-time Membership fees.

Alumni Association of Balsam Academy
c/o The Vice-Principal
Balsam Academy
5/410 A, Vanapadi Road
Bharathi Nagar Extension
Vellore – 632403


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