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Welcome the new School Heads of Balsam!

April 30th, 2020 /balsam user

Hearty welcome to the newly inducted Principal, Mrs.Sumaiya and in-house member promoted as Vice-Principal, Mrs.Hemakumari.

Mrs. Sumaiya, a highly skilled and overtly student-focussed educational leader possessing a strong commitment to the development of students, staff and providing a stimulating, safe and motivating learning environment. She holds a Masters in Psychology and Business Administration and has a proven track record in collaborating with the school community, enhancing learners’ attainment and establishing strong and lasting relationships with all stakeholders.

What she considers as a great experience is the case study on Alternate Pathway of Learning and Assessing Life Skills – an inimitable model ‘Fiesta of Life’ which she submitted to the CBSE Board in August, 2014.

She is a firm believer in coexistence and instils the spirit of peace and harmony in her students and helps transform as responsible global citizens. She respects people equitably; supports equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all; fosters a climate of inclusion, where diverse thoughts are freely shared and integrated.

She has modelled shared leadership and decision-making strategies and developed collaborative efforts between the school and community. She has developed and maintained an atmosphere of openness, confidentiality, and trust between and among all stakeholders: students, parents, and teachers.

Mrs. Hemakumari has over a decade’s experience in the field of school education. With great passion to teach, she began her career as a facilitator in Balsam Academy. Since then she has held diverse roles as Instructional leader, Head of Exam Committee, Coordinator for various competitive exams and Vice Principal. She has been a dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of every child. She has evolved as an accommodating and versatile individual with the talent to develop inspiring hands-on lessons that will capture a child’s imagination and breed success.  She is highly skilled in adapting teaching to students’ diverse learning styles. She has topped the National Teaching Aids contest for Mathematics under Middle school category conducted by CBSE in 2019.

She has established a great relationship with students and team members and we look forward to greater moments as we thrive for Believe 2023.