Taking Notes

Taking notes is an important part of learning. You need to take lecture notes (classroom notes) and notes from your textbook.

  1. Go through the lessons on the day before your teacher would teach it in the class. This gives you an idea of what to expect.
  2. Write down important ideas as bullet points. One word or a phrase is enough to include an idea.
  3. Give prominence to important ideas by underlining them in your notes.
  1. Leave lot of space in each face of paper. This will help you add new points later.
  2. Organize your notes into separate files. Each subject should have a different file. Label the outer page of the file with name of the subject and your teacher. You should also neatly organize each file according to chapters and topics.
  3. Read the notes (important points) in the night, before going to bed. Read only once. This helps you memorize the lessons clearly.
  4. While taking notes from a book, label the name of the book and author. Also, note the page number next to your notes. It makes it easy for you to refer to the book three or six months later.