Since 2013, I have navigated a sea of knowledge filled with unexpected and unimaginable experiences that have profoundly shaped me. Balsam Academy, an integral part of my life, holds a special place in my heart that will never fade. Its child-friendly environment, accompanied by delightful and amiable staff, has transformed the campus into a sanctuary of learning. It feels like just yesterday when I first stepped foot on campus, yet time has swiftly flown by. Balsam has gifted me with countless memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. In essence, Balsam Academy is more than just an educational institution; it's a haven for creating indelible memories that will forever reside in our hearts. Balsam is more than a paradise; it is a destination one could never truly leave.

Kalyan Sree. V (Grade 10C)
Class of 2023-24

I am Sheejal, a proud Balsamite. With utmost joy, Balsam Academy has been and will be a memorable part of my life that has paved the way for positive impact and has shaped my personality, improved my ability, and spotted my potential. Our school has been a cornerstone in my life, showering knowledge and empowering me in all aspects. Despite all this, school has the most caring teachers, nurturing children to become future leaders. In a full-circle journey, our school is a perfect place for learning and development.

Sheejal A.P (Grade 10C)
Class of 2023-24

I am Jaswanth Balaji, a Balsamite since 2010. I have acquired many skills and gained knowledge about various things being here in this family. I would like to say that Balsam Academy has provided me with quality education, life-saving skills, good infrastructure, and the best and friendliest teachers. Teachers were like students’ backbone, supporting me and my friends in every downfall, encouraging us to score good marks. Overall, my experience at this school has equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary for my future.

Jaswanth Balaji V.S (Grade 10B)
Class of 2023-24

I am very happy and proud to be a Balsamite. As a Balsamite, I have gained the confidence to face any challenges in my life. Balsam Academy has created for me a new journey filled with wonders and experiences. The school has helped me realize my drawbacks and encouraged me to work on them. My school supported me in both studies and co-curricular activities. Balsam has a unique environment that made me feel safer and more secure within the campus. We were always comfortable reaching out to teachers for support. Balsam Academy helped me bloom like a balsam flower. Thank you, Balsam Academy, for creating unforgettable memories in my life.

Hemavarshini .Y (Grade 10C)
Class of 2023-24

Balsam Academy has provided me with an incredible journey in my life. The supportive teachers and engaging lessons have made my learning experience most enjoyable. The sense of belonging in my school has allowed me to forge lifelong friendships and build valuable connections with both peers and teachers. Here, I have discovered my strengths and learned to overcome challenges with confidence and determination, supported by my teachers. The encouragement and support from teachers and staff have facilitated not only my academic growth but also the development of skills and a strong sense of responsibility. As a student at Balsam, I am confident that I am receiving a top-notch education that will prepare me for future success and beyond. And I am glad to be a Balsamite.

Kanish.V (Grade 10C)
Class of 2023-24

For the past 13 years, I have proudly identified as a Balsamite. My time at Balsam Academy was characterised by both pleasantness and tranquility. The teachers at Balsam have consistently offered unwavering support and motivation, helping me unlock my full potential. In my opinion, the true cornerstone of Balsam lies in its dedicated faculty. However, it's imperative to mention Balsam's infrastructure. The eco-friendly surroundings have fostered a serene atmosphere, and I deeply admire Balsam's commitment to nature. I am immensely grateful to the Balsam teachers for their pivotal role in shaping my character. Furthermore, my time at Balsam has gifted me with countless cherished memories, too numerous to enumerate. Balsam Academy nurtures each student uniquely, ensuring that every individual finds their own path. Ultimately, my Balsam experiences will remain eternally treasured.

Kanisha.MK (Grade 10B Student)
Class of 2023-24

When I was three years old, my parents were looking for a good school to shape my future, and they found Balsam Academy. It has been a place of emotions, memories, and learning for me since then. I have spent 13 years here, and I have seen a lot of progress. The faculty is elite, and they approach teaching in a friendly manner. Co-scholastic activities, extended learning, awareness projects, inter- house contests, club activities, field trips, etc., have made my time here without any lack of interest. Balsam has helped me understand myself better, and I have learned discipline, boldness, and how to overcome failures. The school has given me numerous opportunities to learn practically, and I am thankful to the Balsam team for providing me with a passport to my future. I am proud to be a Balsamite, and I am sure that my future is going to be bright.

Diyaa Shree.H (Grade 10A Student)
Class of 2022-23

I am grateful for the wonderful memories I have shared with Balsam Academy over the past thirteen years. To me, Balsam is not just a school, but a place where we can freely express our feelings and showcase our unique talents. As an introverted person, Balsam Academy has given me countless opportunities to interact with diverse groups of people and learn from them. The school's focus on co-scholastic activities has allowed me to discover and embrace my uniqueness. The teachers and staff at Balsam are exceptional, and they have fostered a friendly and problem-solving approach among the students. The various contests and club activities have provided ample opportunities for us to display our team spirit and nurture a sense of community. The practical analysis of concepts has helped me better understand the material and become more involved in the learning process. Balsam Academy provides numerous learning opportunities for everyone, and I am proud to have been a part of it. The school is like a tree that continuously bears fruit and flowers, making it more beautiful with every passing day. I am a proud Balsamite and will cherish the memories I have made here forever.

Thejashree.J.P (Grade 10A Student)
Class of 2022-23

I am thrilled to share my experiences with Balsam Academy, where I have witnessed a well- organized and nurturing environment that fosters positive growth. Since joining Balsam in seventh grade, I have felt like a part of the community from my first day. The teachers have been incredibly supportive, and the school has brought out my hidden talents. Every student is given a platform to showcase their skills, and Balsam has motivated me to pursue my passions. The school has helped me build my confidence and realize my leadership potential. The open and supportive atmosphere has allowed me to excel academically and explore my interests in creative arts and sports. The faculty at Balsam has extended their unwavering support, and I have always felt secure under their guidance. Through all the ups and downs, the teachers have kept me motivated and helped me grow into a better person. I am grateful for the opportunities Balsam has given me to blossom into a confident and well-rounded individual. I am proud to be a Balsamite and will continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life.

Jane Patricia J (Grade 10A Student)
Class of 2022-23

I am filled with gratitude for Balsam Academy, which has been my happy home for the past thirteen years. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the staff members who have supported and encouraged me throughout my journey. Moulding a student into a respectful human being is no easy task, but Balsam has done an exceptional job. The faculty has not only taught me about
academics but also about life in general. They are supportive and welcoming, which makes Balsam the best school for newcomers. I have learned so much from my surroundings, not just from textbooks. Balsam has always provided me with a sense of happiness and belonging, and I am forever grateful for that. I am proud to be a Balsamite, and I will cherish the memories I have made here for a lifetime.

Aathirai.R (Grade 10B Student)
Class of 2022-23

I joined this school with a lot of excitement, and since then, my love for the school has grown stronger every day. Balsam has been more than just an academic institution for me. I discovered my hidden talents and worked on enhancing them. I made lifelong friendships, and the memories we created are unforgettable. The teachers were supportive, and their guidance helped me during tough times. The environment of the school, filled with love and affection, will always be remembered. I feel blessed to have been a part of this school, and my journey here was nothing less than blissful.

Sathviga. K.A (Grade 10A Student)
Class of 2021-22

This school has been my home for the past 13 years out of the 15 I have lived on this planet. Balsam has been one of the most significant things that happened to me, and I am grateful for it. The school has a fantastic infrastructure, caring teachers, and wonderful friends. It has been a place where students can speak their minds and have open conversations with their teachers. Every corner of the school is filled with memories, and it has been a part of every success and failure in my life. I will always support this school, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Pushpanathan.R (Grade 10A Student)
Class of 2021-22

My time at Balsam has not just been a journey, but a part of my life. I came here as a timid child and left as a confident young adult. Balsam has given me the opportunity to become a leader, a learner, and a good friend. The teachers have played a significant role in my life, and I cannot thank them enough. Balsam has given me the skills to survive in the real world, and I hope to spread the same humanity that I experienced here. The past ten years have been filled with pretty memories, and I will always be grateful for the experiences I had at Balsam.

Gayathri.U (Grade 10A Student)
Class of 2021-22

Balsam Academy expects nothing less than the best from each student and teachers keep inspiring us. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets what is to be done and there's tutoring if needed. Management offered us great support during the pandemic and we believe they shall continue to do so.
Our school provides many learning experiences for students. Field trips, Balsam Enterprise, Inter-school contests, etc., have helped us explore, interact, support farmers and develop life skills. Balsam believes in teamwork and maximising potential of each student. I am very much proud and lucky to be part of Balsam family. I have been encouraged to always try and never give up. Teachers are like a family and I doubt if you can find a school like Balsam.

Thrina Soni R. (Grade 10 A student)
Class of 2020-21

'Balsam Academy' - this isn’t just a word or a normal school in Ranipet. Nonetheless it is a collection of emotions, memories, and a place to acquire knowledge with affection. The teachers at Balsam aren’t just teachers, they are our friends and mentors leading us to the path of success. Balsam Academy brings out the best from us and makes us fortify it. The deep understanding in concepts underpin one’s cognition. The classrooms are filled with laughter, achievements, victory and happiness. In Balsam we don’t just study but learn with passion.
My time in Balsam is something I will cherish my entire life. The most powerful tool, education that I have received is something that cannot be taken away from me. The love and affection towards each other is never meant to forget. The bond between students is immeasurable and it is so beautiful. I am proud to be a Balsamite.

Sai Sathya Krishna S. (Grade 10 A student)
Class of 2020-21

Education is not just about going to school and getting educated, it's about widening our knowledge and absorbing the truth about life. Our school Balsam Academy has not only given us the quality education but also provided us lessons for life. I travelled eleven years with the school which will be an evergreen memory in my life. My experience in Balsam was great with kind and experienced teachers, helpful and responsible non-teaching staff, good heads of school and with my lovely parents. Each and every one at Balsam is like family. In everyone's life these schooldays are the best part and the memorable one, I am so happy that as my parents chose the right school, I have created good and beautiful memories of my school days which will remain memorable. I would like to thank all of my lovely teachers who moulded me and guided me in the right direction. Both teaching and non-teaching staffs of Balsam Academy are the best. I would like to thank all the heads of Balsam Academy for creating such a nice school, and also I would like to thank my parents for choosing the best school. Balsam Academy is not just a word, it's an emotion. Finally, I would like to say that I am proud to be a student of Balsam Academy.

Sivaranjani. S (Grade 10 B student)
Class of 2020-21

I started my education in Balsam Academy from K3. I had a wonderful learning experience. I enjoyed the clean and hygienic environment of the campus. The teacher’s friendly approach made my learning easy and interesting. I enjoyed interesting co-curricular activities that honed my skills. Competitions and events were the platforms to expose my talents. I admire the uniqueness of my school in identifying and recognizing even the smallest achievements of students.

Mukesh Kanna. V (Grade 10 B student)
Class of 2020-21

Great journey in Balsam over twelve yrs...with the fullest potential from teachers to create a bright future...the best school in discovering the talent of each individual. Balsam develops FREEDOM
F- Friendship
R- Responsibility
E- Encourages children
E- Enlighten them
D- Discipline
O- Asking for their opinion
M- Multi talents
Teachers read the minds of students and encourage accordingly. Thank you so much for giving great education with more and more love.

Swathee K (Grade 10 A student)
Class of 2019-20

Balsam Academy is like a precious possession in my life. Balsam Academy has taught me about the real life, what is enjoyment? The school has made me realize how heaven will look and feel like. Balsam Academy has given me many opportunities to prove my worth. The school's infrastructure was spectacular than I imagined of how my school should be. I came in as a 7 years old kid who was a pro in 'homesickness', but Balsam made me delete this term from my Biological CPU. I would not regret for joining here, but I would surely regret leaving it. I wish I could continue my further studies here. I hope the future Balsamites would get that opportunity to complete their graduation here. Oh! I forgot about my great teachers who showed what life is. My teachers were excellent in terms of teaching well, in taking care of us and they were our best buddies. By getting opportunity to study here, I got confidence that I could become a pro in my career and can reach the Apex. Before joining here, I was like a CPU with a Pentium Processor and now it feels like I got upgraded to Core i9. My teachers are like Latest Graphics Cards, They bring joy to the students. The school's housekeeping staff, transport staff and gardener were also loveable and we had mutual respect for them. My memories in this school is like lags and glitches in a game i.e. these memories would never fade away, also my recycle bin would never take in these memories, it would give back to me even if I try to delete which I would not do.

Shakthiswar M. (Grade 10 A student)
Class of 2019-20

My journey at Balsam was very beautiful and filled with amazing memories and interesting experiences. As a student, I was blessed to complete my secondary school education with help of supportive teachers and encouraging management. They helped me to balance my success and failures in a right way. I was trained in all aspects to face the society in a unique and different manner. My school has finally achieved its mission by maximizing my potential. Thanks to all for gifting me with the wonderful school years.

Sadhurthika N. (Grade 10 B student)
Class of 2019-20

I consider myself lucky to have studied in such an excellent school. The classrooms are spacious. The teachers teach in a way that all could understand. They give equal importance to physical education and academics. The discipline is well maintained among students. They have given 100% result in 10th board exams all these years.

Shumanth MP. (Grade 10 B student)
Class of 2019-20

It's true that I have spent my entire childhood in Balsam Academy and it means a lot to me. Although being small in terms of physical dimension, this school has gifted me with many joyful memories and moments to cherish. I would rather say that Balsam is the most unique school I have ever seen. The most special element it owns and makes it unique is the atmosphere the school provides to all. It comprises of friendly teachers, healthy environment, well-equipped and fun-filled classrooms. Learning increases day by day with ease is what's splendid about the process in school. Most of us would have been familiar with the term 'home-sick', but after I left the school, I came across this feeling 'school-sick'. The management too is very helpful by coming up with innovative ideas and ways to impart education and share knowledge. I feel very proud to have studied in this wonderful institution, and would rejoice the memories forever.

Jason Daniel
Class of 2019

When I think about my school, Balsam Academy, and realize myself as a young Balsamite, my heart is flushed with confidence; a confidence that would make myself face any challenge. It is not only the word that brings about this feeling, but also the circumstances it has provided to enhance my skills and Maximize Potential. Yes, the principle motto of the school is 'Maximize Potential'. It approaches each and every student in his/ her convenience. This was the factor that enabled me to grow as a student year after year. "Education is not the learning of facts, but training of mind to think" – Albert Einstein This is proven right by our school every moment. We have intellectual teachers who would understand the position of every student and guide them in the right path. The smart discussion-oriented classrooms have developed my knowledge. Students get an opportunity to have exposure that make them good learners. The natural environment adds to the beauty of the school. Wherever I go, in my life, I am proud to be a Balsamite, and enlighten other minds with good thoughts. The memories of my school will remain as a never-ending fragrance in my mind.

E. KrisheegaVarsha
Class of 2018

Balsam Academy, 13 years of fun-filled journey! My second home.
I am proud to say that I am a student of one of the reputed schools in Ranipet. Balsam Academy has taught me so many things which are quite difficult to pen down. It was a journey which had a mix of emotions. Words fall short when I try to describe this school. My first and fundamental education started at Balsam Academy, with adaptable teachers, adventurous students and ambitious management. They taught me hard work, smart work and even team work. This school holds a lot of memories. Balsam Academy has an ideal and charming environment to learn. This school has worked hard to make the curriculum relevant to the lives of students. The school is cooperatively led by people who value other, their voice and need for choice. To be frank, Balsam Academy is a school that gives all-round development for a student and make him/ her triumphant. I would say that the main reason behind my success is Balsam Academy. The words 'Maximize Potential' often hits my heart and this school has never failed to bring the special out of me. I am grateful to the Management, Principal, all the teachers and students. Even in hard times, I will not forget to remember my school, Balsam Academy. My journey with Balsam will continue forever.

Pranav K
Class of 2018

My school is one of the most reputed schools in Vellore district. Its exceptional quality lies in instilling the values of academics and co-curricular activities. The school has a strong emphasis on 'Educational excellence'. The school provides exclusive facilities for students' learning. It enforces on peace and harmony for students to appreciate communal integration. Its effort in identifying students' talents and strengthening them is commendable. The friendly relationship of students with teachers establishes a healthy environment for the students to learn.

Class of 2017

My journey in Balsam from 2011 to 2016 is the most memorable one. The learning environment, infrastructure, and quality in teaching is the best that anyone can hope for. Balsam staff provided an environment in which students can reach their full potential. I felt constantly challenge to push myself to exceed what is expected. The love and care provided by the team is immeasurable. I AM PROUD TO BE A BALSAMITE

K. Ramya
Class of 2016

My educational journey in Balsam Academy was unique and ambitious. This was because of the exclusive energy and self- confidence I gained from the student-friendly atmosphere of the school. The School Management and Staff worked in such a manner that I fall short of words to thank. The academic calendar including workshops, brain storming sessions, thematic assemblies etc., created an excellent learning platform for students to gain practical knowledge and develop social skills. It is indeed a privilege to all Balsamites for the school considers the interests of each learner and provides opportunities both in curricular and co-curricular activities. I loved studying in Balsam Academy as every learner got individual attention. The dedication of the teachers, the support from the management and the motivation from the Principal enabled me to succeed in the Board examination. The study skills that I acquired here, helps me wherever I go. I shall always remember Balsam for the caring and eco-friendly environment, great facilities and services offered. Education is a powerful weapon that can change the world. Balsam Academy is the right place that lays a strong foundation.

M.D. Nandhini
Class of 2015

"The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet". –Aristotle I have heard it from many that they can never forget their schooling and now I have realized that Balsam is an unforgettable experience. A good atmosphere with fun-filled classrooms is one of the significant features of my school. A student is not only maximizing his/her potential but also minimizing concepts unknown to him/her. We feel secure and devoted after entering the school campus. Our cordial and cooperative teachers, who bring in the topics in different methods as possible and also make sure that we are clear with the concepts. We also have extracurricular activities such as dance, music, physical education,art, life skills etc. We also have specialized teachers coming from different places to share their expertise. The management also invites resource persons from different fields to make the brainstorming session more effective. Our school also considers student's health and cleanliness of environment. We conduct free medical camp for all the students and organize events pertaining to society every year. We have the Interactive classrooms which make learning even more interesting. Starting from the support staff to the correspondent, all are accessible and bind us with great love and care. We have a rich library with loaded with books according to subjects and levels of reading. Our school has also introduced reading program to graph our reading chart. We are also encouraged to prepare for competitive exams which gives us an edge in the larger world. We are also educated to become responsible citizens and to meet the needs of the society. We have parent-teacher conferences scheduled regularly so parents are updated of our progress and are involved in our education as they partner with the teachers. Balsam also invites students to generate and contribute ideas for school governance and allows us to voice out student concerns in the Student Council. We have various contests being conducted to develop our skills and exhibit our talents. To put it in a nutshell, we are not only trained to meet today's life we are trained for a better tomorrow and we are certain to reach greater heights.

K.S. Kirubha Hari
Class of 2014

The 7 years I spent in Balsam Academy were like the best of the days. Having passed out doesn't let those memories fade away. The teachers, the staff, the classrooms, the playground, circle time, everything is being missed here in my college. I loved the school's atmosphere as well as the concern of the school administration for the students. It is certainly the best school one would ever come across. PROUD TO BE A BALSAMITE.

K.B.Subhash Chandra Bose
Class of 2013