Reading Techniques

You need to read fast and grasp more things. Here are some pointers to fast reading.

  1. Note the name of the book and its author in the reading log.
  2. Take a quick look from cover to cover to identify the important chapters.
  3. Take a quick look over the chapter, identify the important points, and note them down.
  4. Read the lesson fast. To increase the speed of learning, pass your eyes through the top of the letters and not through the centre. For example, while reading, pass your eyes through the area where the dot above the letter i appears and not through the loop of the letter o.
  5. Don’t take notes while reading.
  1. Don’t go back to read a word or a sentence. If you don’t get the idea of the subject, you can come back to the sentence after you finish reading the chapter. Never look up a dictionary while in the middle of reading a chapter. Refer dictionary only if you don’t automatically understand the meaning of a word after finishing the paragraph and the chapter.
  2. Note down the points you remember. Now check if you have taken all the important points, with another fast reading.