The aim of the life lies in pushing you limitation always;You have successfully made this possible;Your achievement is the result of your efforts...Keep going…


DANCE Contest

  • Nithila.I ( G1 A)
  • Sadhana.B.S ( G1 B)
  • Divya.R ( G2 A)
  • Mahika.A.P ( G2 B)
  • Thanikaa Sree.K ( G3 A)

Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.



  • Prathiksha.D (G4 A)
  • Vaishnavi.P (G4 B)
  • Mohanasundaram.A (G4 C)
  • Logesh Kaavyan. P.K.S (G7 A)
  • Hazel Andrea. J (G7 B)

GEO CLUB Contest

  • Lathika Sri A ( G4 C)
  • Ruthresh Raj S( G4 A)
  • Haasini.S ( G4 B)


  • Sanjay Saktivel S( G5 A)
  • Sriram K ( G5 B)


  • Swathee K ( G7 A)
  • Hazel Andrea J ( G7 B)


  • Mohammed Noorul Mahir ( G1 A)
  • Nafees M( G2 A)
  • Dhanesh L (G2 B)

Make the most of what you have and keep your standards high. Never settle for anything less than you deserve or are capable of achieving.

Shanjana.P.C (Grade 4)

Awarded for reciting Thirupavai at Uma Elumalayan Temple, Ranipet

Sahana.A.K (Grade 4)

Certified in Hindi spoken 3 levels at Erode.

Swathee. K (Grade 7)

Added one more feather in the cap when she received the certificate of merit for SWACH BHARATH campaign of CBSE

Azeeza.H (Grade 7)

It was raining technology at Balsam Academy as she got certified in Robotics after her successful stint with robotics breaking all conventions.

Vishal Ram.K.N (Grade 7)

Certified in Robotics exhibiting his skills in robotics.


Arutko .N

E.L.Kiruthika (Grade 10)

Won 3rd place in the Interschool quiz contest among the schools of Vellore at VedavalliVidyalaya, Walaja.

V.S.Kavyalakshmi (Grade 9)

Certified for her Crafting skills at Bright MindsVidyalaya.

Nirmalkumar.K (Grade 10)

Prithvi Raj.M (Grade 8)

Won laurels for the school when they were placed runner up in the TVSSC inter school IT Quiz held at Vignesh Int’l School, TV Malai.

Md. Yaser and M. Subash (Grade 10)

It was a great moment for who took the opportunity to participate at InoVIT state level science model competition held at VIT university, Vellore. Both exhibited their innovative skills by making a model on sensor robotic application for domestic usage on 21st Jan 2016.

Karunya Lakshmi.H (Grade 6)

District Level Abacus - Cup And Certificate Degree Completion In Abacus - Medal

Thanuleka.D (Grade 6)

IQ Test - Fifth Place In Chennai

Nithika Ak. (Grade 7)

Handwriting (2nd Place) Arcot

Yamini P. (Grade 7)

Story Recitation(2nd Place) (Vellore)

Kanishka S. (Grade 6)

Bal Vikas Quiz And Bhajan(Winner)

Larwin Judson.R (Grade 6)

Medal In Abacus,Story Telling - Cup

Hema Chandran.M (Grade 7)

Aero Spoken English, 3rd Place

Congrats to all who’ve tasted success this year.. keep going!!! You have the power to fulfill your dreams !!