Parent Feedback

I am Hariprasad, father of Karunya Lakshmi. My daughter studied in Balsam from her kindergarten till 10th. This 13 years of travel with Balsam has shaped my daughter in a way that has exceeded my expectations. All the activities of Balsam, both scholastic and co scholastic are among the best that any parent wants their children to experience. Students are taught and encouraged to learn from experience and move forward to explore. Apart from studies our children are taught life skills that can be useful for a child at anytime. My daughter has learnt how to organize a task, all the teaching and non-teaching staff see our children as their own family. Infrastructural and teaching facilities are among the best and help our children in becoming a responsible citizens.
It was the right choice to have chosen Balsam for my children's education. It is great that my daughter has her life planned in a perfect way. With the help of Balsam she was able to discover her strengths and shortcomings and is clear about who she is. It was an amazing childhood experience for my child, and I expect even more amazing experience for my son.
Thank you, Balsam team. You are doing an amazing work.

HARIPRASAD, father of Karunya Lakshmi (Grade 10 A), 2020-21

I would like to take this glorious opportunity to thank the Balsam team that encouraged and nurtured my daughter. She has been in this institution for past 12 years and it gives me immense pleasure to see the maturation in her behaviour and improvement in her language. Every day she is growing in the way I wanted. The school recognizes children's talents and interests like art, music, dance etc. They conduct many inter-house competitions which help children to improve in their skills further. Every teacher looks after each student as his/her own child. The school has a neat and calm infrastructure. Thank you so much to the school management and the teachers for their generous support.

SUMATHY VENKATESH, mother of Suparna (Grade 10 B), 2020-21

Balsam Academy is really a wonderful school in Ranipet. We are blessed to be the parent of a Balsamite. Balsam has provided us safe and comfortable environment to learn and develop. Teachers know the students better and they tailor their efforts to individual student needs. Every student is given a chance to prove his or her talent. School has moulded my son as an excellent all-rounder. We are proud of our son and this is because of Balsam team. We also appreciate excellent communication, monthly class updates, phone messages and parent app. Balsam is and will always be a blessing to our family. Thank you so much.

SELVARASU.B, mother of Nikhil (Grade 10 A), 2019-20

My children Vishal Ram and Rohit Ram are studying in Balsam Academy. They started their journey from Pre-School. My elder son has completed his 10th grade, this year and my younger son is getting promoted to 5th grade. As a parent, I liked the school a lot. It is very difficult job for the parents to select a good school. But we thank God, who gave us a good thinking and intelligence for selecting Balsam Academy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school team for nurturing my ward. I really appreciate your efforts for providing quality education and moulding my children towards the path which surely will lead to success. I must say that in the coming years, this noble institution will reach to even greater heights. I feel proud to be a part of this institution. The Teachers and Administrators were loving and supportive and fully accessible. This sums up why we love Balsam Academy. Good Wishes.

PRADHEEPA.P - mother of Vishal (Grade 10 B), 2019-20

Balsam Academy is the best CBSE School in Ranipet. School gives equal opportunity and important for all round development of the students. School has a very good infrastructure. Balsam teachers are always updated and well experienced. Students feel free and comfortable to interact with the teacher. Balsam maintains a good relationship with the parents. Balsam team plans well about curricular and co-curricular activities and executes them successfully. School has developed the student’s self -esteem and discipline. Teachers use wide range of strategies and methods to make lessons understand. On the whole, Balsam team-Management, Teachers, Office staffs, efforts are highly appreciable. I am very happy and proud to be a part of balsam.

Mr.G.Kamalesan, - father of Wesley Kingston (Grade 10 B), 2019-20

எனது மகள் பத்தாம் வகுப்பு படித்து முடித்து இப்பள்ளியை விட்டு செல்லும் நிலையில், பால்சம் அகாடமி பற்றி சில எண்ணங்களை முன் வைக்கிறேன்.

ஏழு வருடங்களுக்கு முன்பு இந்த பள்ளியை பற்றி ஒரு சிறந்த கருத்து மக்களிடையே இருந்ததை அறிந்து இப்பள்ளியில் நமது குழந்தை படித்தால் சிறப்பாக வருவான் என்று சில எதிர்பார்ப்புகளுடன் இப்பள்ளியில் சேர்த்தேன். அவை அனைத்தும் நிறைவேறி முழு திருப்தி இன்று எனக்கு கிடைத்தது.

மேலும் கல்வியில் சிறந்த பயிற்சி பெற்றோர்கள் தங்கள் குழந்தைகளை பார்த்துக் கொள்வதைவிட பலமடங்கு பொறுப்புடன் ஆசிரியர்கள், மாணவர்கள் என்று இல்லாமல் மிகுந்த பாதுகாப்புடனும் அனைவரிடம் நடந்து கொள்ளும் விதம் மிகவும் என்னை கவர்ந்தது.

மேலும் இந்த வருத்தத்துடன் இந்த பிள்ளளைகள் வேறு பள்ளிகளுக்கு செல்லபோகிறார்கள் எனவே அவர்களை தேர்ச்சி பெற வைத்து அனுப்பிவிட்டால் மட்டும் போதும் என்று இல்லாமல் அவர்குளுக்கு அடுத்ததாக எந்த படிப்பை தேர்வு செய்வது, எந்த துறையை தேர்வு செய்தல் பிள்ளைகளுக்கு சிறப்பாக இருக்கும் என்ற மனக்குழப்பத்தில் இருந்த எங்களுக்கு அதை தெளிவுபடுத்தும் வகையில் 'கேரியர்கைடன்ஸ்' என்ற நிகழ்ச்சி மூலமாகவும் ஆசிரியர்களின் தனிப்பட்ட ஆலோசனைகளின் மூலமாக எங்களுக்கு தெளிவு பெற செய்ததும் இந்த பள்ளியின் மேல் உள்ள மதிப்பு இன்னும் கூடுதலானது என்றே சொல்லலாம்.

மேலும், நல்ல பள்ளி ஆனால் கட்டணம் அதிகமாக உள்ளதே எப்படி படிக்க வைக்க போகிறோம் என்று கவலையில் இருந்த எங்களுக்கு, 'திவ்யபாரதி நன்றாக படிக்கிறாள், அவள் இங்கு தொடர்ந்து படிக்கவேண்டும்' என்பதற்காக கட்டணத்தை குறைத்து எங்களது கஷ்டத்தில் பங்கு எடுத்துக் கொண்டதற்காக இந்த தருணத்தில் நன்றி சொல்ல மிகவும் கடமைப் பட்டிருக்கிறேன். மேலும் மாணவர்களின் உடல்நிலை, விளையாட்டு, ஒவ்வொரு மாணவரையும் முழுவதுமாக அறிந்து அவர்களுக்கு தனிப்பட்ட முறையில் அளிக்கப்படும் பயிற்சி, ஒழுக்கம் என இப்பள்ளியின் பெருமைகளை பற்றி சொல்லிக்கொண்டே போகலாம்.

இவ்வளவு சிறப்புமிக்க இந்த பள்ளியில் எனது மகள் படிக்கும் இந்த நேரத்தில் 11-12 ஆம் வகுப்புகள் இல்லையே என்று கவலை எங்கள் மனதில் உள்ளது. மேலும் இப்பள்ளி எங்களை போன்ற இனிவரும் பெற்றோர்களின் மனத்திலும் நீங்கா இடம் பிடிக்கவேண்டும். என்றும் எனது மகள் இப்பள்ளியில் படித்ததை நினைத்து பெருமையுடன் செல்கிறேன் என்று கூறி உங்களிடமிருந்து விடை பெறுகிறோம். நன்றி!

கே. சுமதி
பத்தாம்வகுப்பு, 2017-18

At the outset, our whole hearted thanks to the management of Balsam Academy, for setting up a CBSE school in Ranipet, with good infrastructure, well built and fully equipped.

We remember our first visit to Balsam in the year 2005 to seek admission for our daughter M. Janani Shakthi in play school, but we couldn't make it since there was no transport facility provided by Balsam at that time. In 2008, she joined in 1st standard and now she is completing her 10th standard with pride as a Balsamite. Wow, wonderful 10 years!

We take this opportunity to thank Team Balsam comprising all the teachers, office bearers and other facility providers for their tireless dedication to develop Balsam Academy as a reputed prestigious educational institute. We thankfully remember some former members of Team Balsam as well, for their role in development of both Balsam and Janani. The efforts of Team Balsam for the development of students of Balsam Academy are highly appreciable and remarkable.

As parents of Janani, we always want to give her the best in all and our choice of Balsam proved the same. Balsam developed Janani's self-esteem with good academic. Good discipline and she is brave enough to face situations, as it comes. She has been brought up in the way she wanted to be and with this background, she will achieve success in all her future endeavours. In Janani's memory, Balsam days would be everlasting and she is proud to be a Balsamite and she would also make Balsam Academy proud.

Further, we had a cordial relationship with Team Balsam during the last 10 years. Being parents of a girl, we could confidently say that Balsam Academy is not only an educational institute but also a second home for kids.

We once again thank the management and Team Balsam.

We wish Balsam Academy to develop more and more new generations.

V.R. Mukunthan& A. Govarthanai
Parents of M. Janani Shakthi
Grade 10, 2017-18

Balsam Academy, the name itself kindles a lot of fond memories. It has been the most integral part of our life for the past 10 years. From the first day, we entered Balsam seeking admission, we are being treated with respect and kindness.

The administration and academic staff are polite and committed to the cause. To be more specific, teachers are very keen about every child’s individual development. Most of all, Balsam treats every child in a motivating and constructive manner.

Parents Orientation Programs conducted by the school helps us to improve our parenting skill. Balsam also concentrates in Beyond Academic programs that develops child's life skills and social skills.

I take this opportunity to express my happiness for choosing the best institution for my kids. I am really proud to be the parent of a Balsamite.

I wish Balsam Academy success in all its future years.

Mr.P.Murali & Mrs.R.Aruna
Parents of M.Prithviraj
Grade 10, 2018-19

Foremost, I thank the management of Balsam Academy for providing a serene atmosphere providing a holistic and student- centric environment. As a parent, I am really happy and satisfied for admitting my children in this institution. I am proud that my children not only score marks, but have developed the essential qualities of a good human. Thanks to the Balsam team for being the second parents in molding our children with discipline and decorum. I appreciate the management for recognizing each of our children as unique individuals with distinct talents, interests and needs and offering them the opportunity to think, express and exhibit their skills.

I appreciate the teachers for striving hard by making out their time to train the children with lot of patience, not only in the scholastic part, but also bringing out their attributes in non - scholastic activities and make them shine in all possible ways. The school has indeed been a platform in getting my children out of their nests, out of their comfort zone and has moulded them to grab opportunities, face challenges and strive hard in the environment in which they are and has inculcated in them strong values & respect for tradition.

I am grateful to the entire Balsam family for making my children flourish under your guidance. The enthusiasm and motivation given by the teachers is really awesome.

I wish this school would continue its journey in the same vicinity and culture laced beautifully with triumphs and ignite the spark of lifelong learning in them.

Mrs. Cynthia Daniel
Parent of Jason Daniel
Grade 10, 2018-19