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Our Team

Mrs. Starlet Vincent

Mrs. Starlet Vincent has over 27 years of teaching experience in various streams like ICSE, IGCSE, CBSE in various schools in India, Brunei and Oman.

Teaching has been her passion. She has worked in reputed institutions in Vellore and in Indian School, Oman. She has attended various workshops and training sessions conducted by CBSE and ICSE. She also conducts in- house training for her staff to improve language skills and teaching standards.
Her rich exposure to the CBSE curriculum has enabled her to have a diverse and innovative approach.
Her motive is to make learning an enjoyable process. As a teacher she is very caring and passionate. And as an administrator, she is very firm to achieve the set goals and visions.
She believes that teaching is a great profession and every teacher should support and encourage the child to learn to respect himself/herself and respect others.
As an abled administrator she would sure lead the school community with dedication and passion.


Mr. Damodiran P

Mr. Damodiran has done his schooling in Arcot and graduated in Zoology from C.Abdul Hakeem College and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education received from Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University. He also holds a Master’s in Zoology received from Bharathidasan University.

He started his career at Balsam in the year 2009 and was impressed by the teaching methodologies followed at Balsam and our policy of respecting every individual. He loves to learn and wishes to grow in his profession along with the organization and he is currently the Vice-Principal of Balsam Academy. He also participated in a series of training sessions conducted by Madras Dyslexia Association to teach children with learning disabilities with the support of the organization.

His objective is to bring this organization into a place where learning is not controlled by textbooks because he believes in the quote, “Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths theater” – Gail Goldwin and “The wisest mind has something yet to learn” – George Santayana

Ms. Ranjani A
Head of Operations

Ms. Ranjani has completed her early education in Gujarat. She holds a Post Graduate degree in Commerce from the University of Thiruvalluar, a bachelor degree in commerce from the University of Mumbai (SNDT). She began her teaching career right at Balsam, now spanning over 10 years of valuable experience. She has been an integral part of the school growth and development.

She has expertise in curriculum design, technology in education, assessment and evaluation and professional development for teachers. She has conducted various workshops in Professional Development and has the expertise of being an instructional leader for years.

She is multi-faceted and her ideas made a difference to every class room. She believes that as long as you support students there is really nothing they can’t do. Her instruction is result oriented. She is tech savvy, an excellent communicator and has outstanding organizational presentation and decision-making skills.


Mr. Yatheesha H V
Beyond Academics Coordinator

Mr. Yatheesha holds a B.A. in History, Economics and Sociology from Govt. First Grade College, Gubbi, Karnataka. He completed his B.Ed. from St. Joseph College of Education, Mysuru. He has served as a social science teacher for more than 10 years in CBSE schools. He has been associated with the International Academy of Creative Teaching (iACT) for almost 10 years, during which he has travelled and operated in several CBSE schools in Bilaspur, Betul, Bijapur, Bengaluru and Chitradurga.

He has played the roles of a teacher, head of the department and even served as head of the school in start-up schools before joining Balsam Academy in 2018. He specializes in developing scholastic skills and creative techniques. He has designed integrated, simulative and student-centric modules for students. He has played part in improving the standards of social awareness in Rural and Urban Schools in different parts of the country through many Community Development Programs.

As the Beyond Academics Coordinator, he serves on the school leadership and development team helping children to learn life skills through experiential activities offered as after-school programs and as co-curricular activities. He plays the lead role in building Beyond Academics as the key branch in holistic development of children by creating parameters to identify gifted learners and under performers, ensuring all teachers identify the students who need additional support – be it gifted or not so gifted.