Parent Involvement

We believe our relationship with parents begins the moment you first consider Balsam Academy and extends beyond your child's schooling. The Balsam experience is one that is shared both by parents and their children therefore it is our goal to keep parents well-informed to stay involved.

Parent Involvement is defined as the participation of parents in regular, two-way and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including and ensuring the parent play an integral role in assisting the child's learning.


The Partnership for Success initiative requires Balsam parents to complete ten (10) Parent Involvement hours per school year. Parent Involvement hours are documented on the Parent Involvement Card and parents who have fulfilled the required hours will be recognised on the Awards Day. Parents are responsible for having the staff/teacher hosting the event sign their Parent Involvement Card. Parents when you have met the 10 parent involvement hours, submit your Parent Involvement Card to HR.

Find Out More

Interested in serving the school as a parent volunteer? Contact front office or obtain the form (link: // ), fill and submit.

Thank you for being a part of the Balsam parent community!

Parents are also encouraged to join the Parent Teacher Council (PTC). This group is a valuable resource and support network for all parents.

The objectives of the Parent Teacher Council (PTC) are:

  1. To support the School strategic initiatives and parent activities associated with the Comprehensive Learning Framework and the continuous school improvement process.
  2. To advise and inform the school on matters of concern regarding the administration and operation of Balsam and to provide recommendations from the aspect of parents.
  3. To inform parents of Balsam policy changes and to make recommendations by obtaining data through parent feedback.

The Parent Teacher Council is comprised of current parents and they serve on a voluntary basis. The PTC encourages all parents of enrolled students to participate in PTC meetings and events with pre-registration. Interested in becoming a member of the Parent Teacher Council, please contact the HR.