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In-service Training at Balsam Academy

Role of teachers in schools is certainly crucial, but extremely dynamic too. Teachers need to adjust their teaching with the ever-evolving educational goals and at the same time deal with infinite variations in students, each of whom is unique. In such a scenario continuous professional quality development of teachers becomes absolutely indispensable to respond to the changing needs of the students and system. As a competent and well- performing teacher is the most important resource in maintaining desirable standard of education, schools also benefit immensely by investing in capacity building programmes of teachers and in turn achieving the status of most sought-after school.

By making in-service teacher training mandatory for all its affiliated schools, with the overall goal of improving student learning and achievement, the CBSE Board aims to augment subject knowledge, teaching skills and learn new teaching techniques, to enable joyful and innovative transaction of curriculum in the classrooms, to facilitate teachers professional well-being by providing the ecosystem for the teachers in developing their own professional growth plan, and to enable schools to exchange best practices, pedagogies, annual plans, etc.

Mandatory Induction Programmes are conducted by COEs for School management representative and Principals of all freshly affiliated schools, switch over schools, upgraded schools and schools obtaining extension of affiliation.

Mandatory training programmes by COEs for all school Principals regarding the stated theme of training for the year to augment their leadership effectiveness.

Mandatory workshops/modules on conduct of Examination and Evaluation to be conducted by the Board for concerned stakeholders, before the start of Annual Board Examinations.

Apart from these, in-house training sessions are conducted year-long to meet these:


Adopt Competency Based Education [See Circular Dated 1st January 2020]

Adopt Learning Outcomes (LOs) [See Circular Dated 9th January 2019]

Link for LOs

Be the Pedagogical Leader [See Circular Dated Circular No. Acad-15/2019]

Prepare Annual Pedagogical Plan [See Circular No. Acad-15/2019 dated 09.03.2019 & Circular No. Acad-49/2019 dated 05.09.2019 ]

Work for Developing 21st Century Skills among Students

Integrate Art In Education [No. Acad-12/2019 dated 8th March 2019 ]

Follow Experiential and Active Learning Pedagogy [ See ]

Implement Mandatory Health and Physical Education

Read and Implement CBSE Handbooks and Manuals [ See ]

Display the list of prescribed textbooks on website along with Declaration by Principal and Manager

Participate in CBSE Student Enrichment Activities and Competitions announced at &


Mandatory in-house training of teachers – 3 days

This has been notified vide circular no. 13/2019 dated 09.3.2019.

Mandatory 2 days training of teachers in association with COEs

This has been notified vide circular no. 13/2019 dated 09.3.2019.

Mandatory 2 days training of Principals

This has been notified vide circular no. 13/2019 dated 09.3.2019.

Mandatory full-time training of 5 days of all teachers in the school once in every three years

This has been notified vide circular no. 13/2019 dated 09.3.2019.

CBSE Shiksha Vani - A Podcast App

Vide circular number Acad-18 dated 18.03.2019 of CBSE, this has been notified. This podcast shall be used for capacity building of teachers in large measure.

Lead Collaborator of Hubs of learning to take the lead

Notified vide Notification CBSE/Acad/JS(AHA)/ 2019 dated 23.05.2019 & 22.07.2019 of CBSE.

Member schools of Hubs of Learning

Vide Notification ACTIVITIES IN 2019-20: A READY RECKONER FOR CBSE SCHOOLS CBSE/ Acad/JS(AHA)/ 2019 dated 23.05.2019 & 22.07.2019 of CBSE, this has been notified.

Principal shall:

Be aware of Chapter 16 of the Affiliation Bye-laws of CBSE which mandates training of teachers and heads of schools affiliated to the Board – theme of training for the year as announced by the Board.

  • Designate a School Training Nodal Coordinator to:
  • • Assess training needs of teachers and assist principal in designing and implementing training calendar
  • • Coordinate with the concerned CBSE Centre of Excellence (COE) for the actual conduct of capacity building programmes
  • • Maintain records of the programmes
  • • Provide constructive feedback to the COE about the quality of the programmes