In-service Training at Balsam Academy

Role of teachers in schools is certainly crucial, but extremely dynamic too. Teachers need to adjust their teaching with the ever-evolving educational goals and at the same time deal with infinite variations in students, each of whom is unique. In such a scenario continuous professional quality development of teachers becomes absolutely indispensable to respond to the changing needs of the students and system. As a competent and well- performing teacher is the most important resource in maintaining desirable standard of education, schools also benefit immensely by investing in capacity building programmes of teachers and in turn achieving the status of most sought-after school.

By making in-service teacher training mandatory for all its affiliated schools, with the overall goal of improving student learning and achievement, the CBSE Board aims to augment subject knowledge, teaching skills and learn new teaching techniques, to enable joyful and innovative transaction of curriculum in the classrooms, to facilitate teachers professional well-being by providing the ecosystem for the teachers in developing their own professional growth plan, and to enable schools to exchange best practices, pedagogies, annual plans, etc.

Mandatory Induction Programmes are conducted by COEs for School management representative and Principals of all freshly affiliated schools, switch over schools, upgraded schools and schools obtaining extension of affiliation.

Mandatory training programmes by COEs for all school Principals regarding the stated theme of training for the year to augment their leadership effectiveness.

Mandatory workshops/modules on conduct of Examination and Evaluation to be conducted by the Board for concerned stakeholders, before the start of Annual Board Examinations.

Balsam believes in continually upgrading teacher skills to cater to the requirements of the 21st century learners. In the academic year 2020-21, we had special and unique challenges due to COVID. The paradigm shift was gracefully accepted and transformed the entire Balsam staff. Training for Waldorf Approach in mainstream schooling, blended material generation, online teaching and technical skills to enhance confidence in content and delivery have been the main focus in the first two quarters of 2020-21 academic year. Training by experts, peer- training, self-learning and demonstrations was the approach adopted.

Teachers further shared the knowledge with other fellow teachers widening the sphere of wisdom. The ongoing CPD sessions provided at Balsam stands phenomenal! The sessions set a remarkable change in the attitude of teachers towards the learning environment and refined their abilities, knowledge and aspirations. The teachers equipped themselves with the recent trends in the educational field. These sessions also provided a platform for regular interaction and discussion among the faculty members to upgrade their professional skills. We confidently proclaim that BalsamStaff is well-educated, equipped and trained to handle situations and we have made a huge shift in adopting the new paradigm.