History of Balsam Academy

A child born in the year 1938 grew as a man who did not complete elementary education in school but was an active learner, who not only consumed but produced knowledge by setting up industries in Bangalore. He played a leading role in creating entrepreneurs and job opportunities in Bangalore. A man with a broad vision with thoughts flowing from a stupendous mind made way for the development of the village near Arcot, the birthplace of his ancestors.

His initiation of changing the life in the village and their economic conditions began in 1986 when he preferred agriculture to an industry. A futuristic thinker, a silent performer, he left behind distinctive marks with his green thumb. A temple, a school and a hospital was what he planned for the villagers. The temple was under construction when he left this world in 1989.

Treading in the footsteps of Late Sri. K. Balaram was too large to fit in. His life partner who had to transform from a homemaker to an industrialist, completed the temple project and was actively involved in the developments of the village, accomplished all this and more with great ease while she successfully raised her children who are also inclined to shaping a better place for the children of tomorrow. Balsam Academy – a dream project, was founded under the stewardship of Smt. V.B.Saroja, Founder Trustee of Balaram Memorial Trust.

First opening its doors in 2004 as an after-school activity centre to a pre-school, the school developed as a co-educational school with 14 students to start off. The school that has moved to its present address is adored by visitors. Today, Balsam Academy stands out exclusively as a place for continued learning - a dream come true.