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Welcome to the Balsam Academy Admissions Office

We appreciate your interest in Balsam Academy and we hope the following information will help you to learn more about the school and the Admission Process. We look forward to getting to know you and your family, and hope that you will get to know us better through the website and with a visit to our campus. Please contact our office if you have any questions or comments.

General Admission Policy

  • Admission is open to all children irrespective of race, religion, caste, nationality or gender.
  • Around 36-40 children per class, per division. 25% SEATS ARE RESERVED FOR RTE QUOTA as per the norms.
  • Due to RTE (Right to Education) and Sibling admissions, we have limited seats available across all levels.
  • Sibling (only directly related ones) will be given preference when a seat is vacant.
  • The child needs to fulfil age criteria as stipulated and ratified upon.
  • Foreign nationals need to secure appropriate Visa / Resident Permit and submit relevant documents at the time of admission.
  • Parents will be called for further process of admission after registration, which will strictly be on First Come First Serve Basis. Wait listed students are called for admission process only if there is a vacancy created any time throughout the year during the last quarter of the academic year.
  • Admission process includes Family Meet.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements vary by age and division.

Programs offered:
  • Kindergarten Program (LKG & UKG)
  • Primary School Program (G1 to G5)
  • Middle School Program (G6 to G8)
  • Secondary School Program (G9 & G10)

Admission Pre-requisite: Entry at LKG – age 3.5 years by 10th July of that academic year and so on for the rest of the Programs. Entry to all other programs will be made based on the availability of seats only on a priority basis – first to siblings of students studying in Balsam Academy and second to applicants residing within 5km radius.

Admissions Timeline

The following information outlines the timing to apply to Balsam Academy. Read all the relevant information regarding admission, visit school website, campus if possible with prior appointment and meet parents of Balsam Academy to get first hand feedback about the school. Being well informed will help you take the right decision.

Admission Kit includes these:

  • Application Form - Application Form to be duly signed by both the parents. This document is required for Government Records
  • Medical Form
  • Home-School Agreement
  • General Consent Form
  • Transfer Certificate (in case of admissions for Graders)
  • Transport Agreement (in case you opt to use school transport)
  • Indemnity Bond
  • Fee Policy Agreement

Procedure for Admission – Kindergarten

Note: Admission in Kindergarten will open for 'limited and sibling' category only. Selection will be through Draw System (In case there are more applicants than the number of seats available). In case of less applications; the admission will be open for external students.


Step 1: Attending the "Education for Tomorrow" workshop and collection of admission packet:

It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Balsam Academy.

Please note that If you have not attended the "Education for Tomorrow" (EFT) workshop on informed dates, then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process. The admission packets will be distributed during the EFT workshops and will not be available at the Front Office.

Details regarding the workshop will be on our website. You can fill the EFT registration form from our front office between December and January and register for the workshop.

Step 2: Completing the admission process:

Submission of all the documents:

Parents seeking admission for the next academic year, need to come to school as per the slot and dates allotted to you, along with ALL the documents mentioned below.

What needs to be submitted:

It is compulsory for parents to carry the following documents at the time of admission process.

  1. Original Birth Certificate and two copies of the same.
  2. Aadhaar Card copy for Indian Nationals and Passport copy for Foreign Nationals
  3. 3 passport size photos of the child (latest)
  4. Caste / Community certificate (if other than general or open)
  5. Special Diagnosis if any (Medical/ Learning Disability etc.)
  6. Legal document if any (custody / visitation rights if applicable)
  7. Foreign National –appropriate permission document
  8. Copy of progress reports (previous two years) and conduct certificate (applicable to students above Grade 4)
  9. Original School Leaving Certificate (TC) if applicable

All the documents need to be complete. If any document is incomplete/missing, then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process.

Payment of the Admission process:

Payment of Admission form fees, must be done once the documents are submitted. Admission process fee is INR 200

Submission of Application Form:

Parents must fill up an admission form in school after the payment of INR 200 and submission of documents. As a part of admission process, you will be filling in the online admission form.

Step 3: Interaction with parent and candidate:

You will receive a call for Family Meet once the admission process (submission of documents and online form) is complete.

Step 4:Communication of the admission status:

After the submission of documents and filling online admission form, the school office will update you on the application status by phone.

Step 5: Fee Payment

If your child has secured admission at Balsam Academy, then you need to pay the fee immediately through the bank challan generated.

Step 6: Confirmation.

Once the fee is credited in our account, confirmation of admission will be given through SMS/email and fee receipt will be sent to you.

Procedure for Admission – Primary, Middle and Secondary

STEP 1: Collection and payment of the admission packet:

You need to come to school to collect the admission packet issued on payment of INR 200. This again is subject to openings in the upcoming year.

STEP 2: Submission of all documents and admission form (hard copy)

*Please submit the following to the school.

  1. Application Form Request with complete details, signed by the parent.
  2. Original Birth Certificate and two copies of the same.
  3. Five passport size photographs of the child and one family photograph (parents, child & siblings only) in hard copy.
  4. "Parents' Undertaking" signed by both the parents.
  5. Previous two year's Report Card (for Grades 1-9)
  6. Original School Leaving Certificate (Please submit it before school reopens or admission may stand cancelled)
  7. Parent Evaluation Form.

Please note that the admission process will be treated as incomplete if any of the documents mentioned above are not submitted.

Submission of online admission form

You will be required to fill the online admission form when you come to school to submit the required documents.

Step 3: Readiness test and "Education for Tomorrow" workshop:

It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Balsam Academy. If parents do not attend the workshop, then it might lead to cancellation of admission. Parents must attend the workshop while the child will be appearing for an interaction.

Step 4: Communication of admission status:

You will be informed about your child's admission status through call and SMS. If your child is placed in the waiting pool, you will receive a final decision latest by 30th May of the academic year.

Step 5: Deposit of Fees:

If your child has secured admission at Balsam Academy, then you need to deposit the fee immediately through the bank challan generated.

Step 6: Confirmation of admission:

We will be sending a confirmation SMS/email to you once we receive your child's admission fees.

Selection Criteria

The admission for Grade 6 to Grade 9 will be confirmed only after the assessment tests. These assessment tests are a tool for both the school and the parent to get a genuine assessment of where the child stands and if there are any areas of weaknesses that need to be focused upon.

Important Points
  • Please fill up all the details carefully. The name of child and parents should be as per submitted document only.
  • In case of any change, it should be supported by appropriate legal documents.
  • The school will not entertain requests for change in names after the admission is confirmed.
  • The parents must fill in the admission forms themselves.
  • Neither collection of admission form nor its submission is a guarantee of admission to the school.
  • Admission form fees are non-refundable.
  • While the school already follows a fair and ethical process, to make the process more robust and watertight, a parent committee will oversee and audit the entire admission process to certify that the school conducts admissions as per policy defined and that there is no foul play or scope of influence/ external pressure.
  • The admission process does not ask for any religious/caste/political/social affiliations & is agnostic to this. Parents too must be aware that same applies to them. We do not want any interference in this matter.
  • Any recommendation or any influence brought from any outside source to secure admission will lead to immediate cancellation of admission.
Rejected Application / Re-admission
  • For already issued forms: If fees are not submitted within the new given deadline, the form will stand cancelled. The parent is welcome to come back and fill up the form as per availability of seats and follow the same procedure as any other parent. However, they will be given lower priority than an altogether new parent, if there's an issue of seat availability.

Second and Third Language options

Student will be assessed on the language chosen and if found suitable will be permitted to carry on studying subjects of their choice. If the candidate is found to be struggling in the concerned subject(s), the parents will be notified and proper guidance will be provided for alternative choice of subject. (Refer language pattern as per the directive from State Government of Tamil Nadu)

School Fees:

As ratified by the School Managing Committee from time to time.

Optional enrichment programs for students are charged additionally on per student basis depending on the program chosen.

Withdrawals & Refunds:

Application Process

  • This process is effective only through written communication in form of an application.
  • Telephonic messages/ Verbal communication or an email will not be considered authentic.
  • Written application to be given before the due date of school fees to the school office.
  • Transfer Certificate form to be filled which is given from school office and should be duly signed by both the parents as signed at the time of admission.
  • If the parent is a single parent/ any legal case pending/ a decree etc. submission of relevant documents is mandatory.
  • Without the appropriate documents, the school leaving certificate will not be processed.
Processing of Transfer Certificate:
  • The Transfer Certificate Form once certified as 'No Dues' from Class Teacher, Library, Laboratories, Accounts Office and Administration Department, is further processed for producing the 'Transfer Certificate' within 10 school office working days.
  • If the withdrawal of admission is applied after the due date of school fees, the parent is liable to pay the respective instalment and late fee if applicable and only then the withdrawal application is taken for further process.
  • If you apply for withdrawal after payment of school fees, there is no refund for the same.

The school arranges to pick up / drop students from the points as per the schedule listed in the bus routes. To ensure smooth functioning of the transport department concerning leaving and receiving students, pick up and drop points will be decided by the school keeping the time and traffic situations in mind. Written permission accompanied by advance payment is a prerequisite for transport arrangements. Parents who do not wish to avail the transport arrangement by the school will be required to make their own arrangements, including pickup and drop from home.

Payment of fees

Fees are to be paid in instalments as ratified by SMC Occasional cost incurred by the children (lost books, damage to the school plant etc.) will be billed to the parents. Cost towards transport, excursions, career guidance, external examinations, etc. must be paid as and when notified.

RTE admissions Guidelines

RTE Online Application Form 2019-20* Tamil Nadu

The School Education Department is going to invite RTE Online Application Form 2019-20 Tamil Nadu for RTE Admission 2019-20* Tamil Nadu at official website www.dge.tn.gov.in or http://tnschools.gov.in. The aspirants who were waiting for RTE Tamil Nadu online can fill RTE application form 2019 Tamil Nadu at the official website of The School Education Department. As per the RTE Act, 25 per cent of seats for admission at entry level classes are reserved for students from weaker section and disadvantaged group.

As per the Tamil Nadu RTE Rules, every school is expected to update the total number of RTE seats available in their website.

RTE Online Application Form 2019-20* Tamil Nadu

Here are the steps to fill online application form for RTE Admission 2019-20 Tamil Nadu.

  • To apply for RTE Tamil Nadu online the candidates must visit official website www.dge.tn.gov.in or tnschools.gov.in
  • Click at RTE Act, 2009 – 25% Reservation 2019-20* – ONLINE REGISTRATION (Link will be available soon) at home page.
  • Fill the complete details in the registration form.
  • Refer the Online Application Entry Guidelines / Online Application Guidelines.

The School Education Department has reiterated that only those residing in one-km radius of the school can apply for LKG or Class I admissions.

Note: No person shall contact the school directly for RTE admissions.

*subject to change on mandatory changes demanded by the board