Fit India 2020 Admission 2021-22
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Houses of Balsam Academy

The primary, middle and secondary school have houses to inculcate the spirit of cooperation, competition and competence. The students are categorized into four houses viz:

HIMALAYANS: the annual herbs with flowers resembling the shape of an English "policeman helmet", recorded as the most invasive species, native to Himalayan region of Asia, which offers a rewarding supply of nectar to pollination.

GRANDS: the first that rise to the great heights in the rocky Mountains which are home to many animals and birds. Crafted cones are the Grands whose very colour signifies progress.

ALPINES: the enchanting perennials with a wild attitude to reach the Swiss Alps and bloom to engulf the entire planet.

TYLERS: a large growing form of Balsam fir with attractive powder blue foliage, typical vigour and growth form of the species.